• Open 17:00
  • Close 21:30
  • Last call 21:00

We will continue to take orders for to-go and Uber Eats.

Reservations will be limited to up to 4 people per party. Please call us to make your reservation.

We will not accept reservations through social media.

(We will not accept any reservations over 4 under no circumstances. The reason is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we also want to save seats for walk-in customers.)

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Ramen Izakaya Akira
Owner Chef Akira

Thank you to all of our customers who support us.

We have been receiving many requests to make reservations.

Reservations must be made through our phone number, not from any social media. We will not discuss any questions regarding reservations through social media. The reason for this is because Chef Akira receives countless messages about reservations on his Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. everyday. Please understand that your message may be ignored if you inquire about a reservation through social media.

Reservations are limited to 4 people per party.

Thank you for your understanding.